Is this Orthodox?
This is an independent minyan using a traditional Orthodox siddur (prayer book). Men and women seat separately during our friday night davening and are divided by a minimalist mechitza. This minyan does everything that an Orthodox minyan would do, but is not associated with any Orthodox institution. The kiddush following davening is strictly kosher.

Who attends the minyan?
Mostly Jews that identify as LGBTQ.  Every month we attract over 50 attendees. Typically 40% of attendees are Orthodox,  45% are unaffiliated but raised Orthodox, and 15% are non-Orthodox.

Why can’t you just go to a Conservative, Reform or Reconstructionist synagogue?
Our population, due to their religious background or current religious affiliation, relates spiritually to a more traditional Orthodox minyan.

So why can’t you just go to an Orthodox synagogue?
Many do, but our population also needs a traditional / Orthodox minyan that affirms and recognizes our outside-of-shul lives including relationships, partners and children. This is the only Orthodox minyan for LGBTQ people to commemorate “life-cycle” events.

But the Torah says…
Many Rabbis have unfortunately dwelled on one prohibition, which unfortunately has driven many LGBTQ Jews to become completely unaffiliated. Many LGBTQ Jews are scarred and view Orthodox institutions as unwelcome environments.  We believe that providing a warm, inclusive of LGBTQ simchot, space will allow for Jewish LGBTQ people to return to doing Jewish things (mitzvahs / mitzvot)

Do you offer housing?
We have a network of shomer shabbos people that live on the Upper West Side that would be willing to offer hospitality for all of shabbos. Coming soon we will be offering a housing board.

What is your position on Israel?
Our minyan cares deeply about the survival of Israel. The minyan is firmly committed to the security and welfare of the State of Israel. Now more than ever, Israel needs our vocal support. For a more detailed position click here.

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